I am a third year Ph.D. Candidate at CREST under the supervision of Prof. Roland Rathelot (CREST/ENSAE) and Prof. Camille Landais (LSE).

I am interested in public and labour economics, more particularly in the design of social insurance policies on the labor market.

I visited the London School of Economics in the 2022 Lent and Summer terms and 2023 Lent term, sponsored by Prof. Camille Landais.

I visited UC Berkeley during the 2022 Fall semester, sponsored by Prof. Emmanuel Saez.

You can contact me at: alice.lapeyre@ensae.fr and find my CV here.

Upcoming presentations:

  • RES PhD Conference (Glasgow, June 9)
  • BSE Summer Forum (Barcelona, June 14-15)
  • AFSE Annual Congress (Sciences Po Paris, June 16)
  • IZA Summer School (Berlin, June 29-July 6)
  • IIPF (Logan, August 14-16)
  • EEA-ESEM (Barcelona, August 28 - Sept 1)
  • EALE (Prague, Sept 21-23)